RCD Capabilities Model 2021 Community Dataset Deadline Approaching

The Research Computing and Data (RCD) Capabilities Model working group has set the deadline for contributions to the 2021 Community Dataset. Institutions must complete and submit their assessments by September 30, 2021. There’s still plenty of time to request your copy of the assessment tool, complete the assessment, and submit it using the new submission form.

The Research Computing and Data Capabilities Model allows institutions to assess their support for computationally- and data-intensive research, to identify potential areas for improvement, and to understand how the broader community views Research Computing and Data support.

Contributing institutions help build the Community Dataset, and enrich the resulting picture we have of our community1. You will also get an individualized Benchmarking report that compares your assessment to the community, and to segments of the community (R1s, R2s, Public or Private institutions, etc.). Finally, you get access to the anonymized, aggregated dataset, if you really like digging into data. 

If you have questions or need advice on managing your assessment process, we can help. Join our Office Hours, or email capsmodel-help@carcc.org with questions or to request a free consulting session to help you optimize your assessment process. 

This work has been supported in part by an NSF RCN grant (OAC-1620695), and by an NSF Cyberinfrastructure Centers of Excellence (CI CoE) pilot award (OAC-2100003).

1 See also our PEARC21 paper (which won the Best Full Paper award for the Workforce Development, Training, Diversity, & Education track): Assessing the Landscape of Research Computing and Data Support: The 2020 RCD Capabilities Model Community Dataset (also available here if you don’t have ACM access).