At present, CaRC refers to two things:

    • A funded NSF RCN award OAC-1620695 (PI: Jim Bottum) “RCN: Advancing Research and Education through a national network of campus research computing infrastructures – The CaRC Consortium”.
    • As an extension of the ACI-REF* experiment, a group of ~35 campuses who have banded together in an attempt to figure out how to sustain and maintain the massive growth in demand for research computing on our campuses by sharing, collaborating, working together and developing best practices.

CaRC is still defining itself and continuing to evolve. Current areas of high priority, based on survey results, include the following committees:

    • CI workforce development and professionalization
    • Developing the workforce network of CI professionals
    • Defining stakeholders and value propositions for stakeholders
    • Expertise and resource sharing

If you want to help shape the evolution of CaRC or learn more about the effort, please contact us at help@carcc.org!  For more information on recent activities, see the Current Committees link.

* ACI-REF refers to the NSF OAC-1341935 “Advanced Cyberinfrastructure – Research and Educational Facilitation: Campus-Based Computational Research Support” award (PI: Bottum) that supporting building best practices and a network of facilitators support research computing on six campuses (Clemson U, Harvard U, U Wisconsin at Madison, U Southern California, U Utah, and U Hawaii). For more information about ACI-REF, see the WWW page at: http://aciref.org.