EPSCoR CI Workshop

EPSCoR jurisdictions have historically underinvested in the cyberinfrastructure (CI, a.k.a. RCD for Research Computing and Data) resources and services required to drive data and compute-intensive science forward. This has created an uneven distribution and availability of CI across the nation. However, the degree to which CI distribution and availability is inequitable is not clear because baseline data characterizing available CI across EPSCoR jurisdictions and institutions is lacking.

The goals of this CaRCC Working Group are to host a workshop to reduce the CI capabilities knowledge gap, and address a recent “Call to Action” to increase CI access across EPSCoR (Moore, 2019). We will accomplish our goals by employing the RCD Capabilities Model assessment tool, paired with training and workshop activities designed to inspire ideas around CI access, planning, and partnerships.

This work is supported in part by NSF Award 2033483 “Building Research Cyberinfrastructure in EPSCoR Jurisdictions: Assessment, Planning and Partnerships.”

See our 1-Page handout that summarizes our goals and key info.

For more information and/or to get involved:

The Working Group has calls every second Friday at Noon (Pacific time). If you want to support the development of this workshop and the associated collaboration among EPSCoR-eligible institutions (and others facing similar challenges), please contact the co-Chairs Gwen Jacobs (University of Hawaii) and Venice Bayrd (Montana State).