Current Working & Sustaining Groups

(as of March 2020)

Building Community: The People Network: This sustaining group aims to foster, build and grow an inclusive community (termed the “People Network”) for campus CI, research computing and data professionals. Each of several, focused discussion tracks has monthly virtual sessions and are coordinated by volunteers.

Decadal Survey: The Decadal Survey working group aims to develop a decadal survey (akin to what has been done in astronomy and other fields) for research computing and data to distribute to the broader community to potentially guide joint efforts. 

Ecosystem: A workshop bringing elements of the community together was held in April 2019 to explore opportunities to socialize and ultimately sustain the larger CI and research computing and data ecosystem, with an update on outcomes and next steps forthcoming.

Engagement: A team of individuals working to increase the visibility of  and participation in CaRCC’s s community-driven activities, especially to organizations and individuals that are underrepresented.

Funding and Sponsorship: The Funding and Sponsorship working group aims to identify opportunities for private or foundational support for CaRCC’s operating costs.

Professionalization: This working group will further disseminate and develop new frameworks and approaches to guide conversations between Human Resources leaders and Research Computing and Data leaders around attracting, retaining, diversifying, and developing research computing and data and cyberinfrastructure talent.

Research Computing and Data Capabilities Model: allows institutions to assess their support for computationally- and data-intensive research, to identify potential areas for improvement, and to understand how the broader community views Research Computing and Data support.

Stakeholders and Value Proposition: This working group documented the value of collective buy-in and collaboration to advance the field of research computing and data. The latest draft is  here and open to input via

Start Up a Working Group

If you’re interested in starting a working group, check out our document (and help us improve it) describing startup process, roles, and expectations.