The Engagement working group is a new working group in 2019 with big aims:

  • Increase the visibility of CaRCC as a professional organization and its community-driven activities, and the opportunities for individual and institutional participation
  • Identify organizations and institutions that are underrepresented or are absent, perform outreach, and encourage their participation in CaRCC.
  • Develop and prioritize short- and longer-term activities to encourage and promote participation in CaRCC-related activities
  • Coordinate with other working groups to accomplish high priority and easily completed objectives

How to get involved

The Working Group has calls the 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 1 PM ET. If you want to contribute or help the group engage other research computing and data professionals who are not yet represented, please contact co-Chairs Bob Freeman (Harvard Business School) and Claire Mizumoto (UC San Diego).