Staff and Student Workforce Development

The Staff and Student Workforce Development Interest Groups were formed in 2022 as part of the RCD Nexus project.  It was quickly recognized that there was great overlap between the two groups and therefore they were combined to form a single interest group.

The focus of this interest group is to:

  • Support current RCD Professionals
  • Provide information for  people looking to become a RCD Professional
  • Provide information to institutions looking to establish workforce development programs

The group will be curating information from existing, successful programs in order to develop leading practices for

  • Staff onboarding, training and development
  • Student program development

In a recent interest group meeting, participant input resulted in the following word cloud.

This interest group is involved in the Student Workforce Programs & Staff Onboarding and Workforce Development Practices track of the  RCD Nexus Day held in conjunction with PEARC22. Watch this page for details on the outcomes from this workshop.

The Combined RCD Staff and Student Workforce Interest group Co-Chairs are: Tom Cheatham (student), Betsy Hillery (student), Timothy Middelkoop (staff), Claire Mizumoto (staff), Anita Orendt (student).