CaRCC Volunteer Opportunities

CaRCC is seeking volunteers for several new efforts that will have a significant impact on CaRCC and the RCD Community. This is a chance to make a real difference to the future of CaRCC. We need your help! 

Sign up for any of the following opportunities by completing this Volunteer Interest Form

  • RCD Awards Program Development
  • Budget Development and Financial Planning
  • Membership and Sponsorship Models Exploratory Group
  • Member Survey
  • Reducing Potential Redundancy and Overlap Across CaRCC

Read more to find detailed descriptions of each volunteer opportunity. 

RCD Awards Program Development

The CaRCC Engagement group is looking to develop an awards program to recognize outstanding people and activities in the RCD community. This is an opportunity for you to help define and shape this new awards program from the ground up. We are looking for a volunteer to lead this group, along with additional volunteers to serve as members. 

As a volunteer, you will help to research similar awards programs, share your findings with the committee, and help to develop a draft program to be reviewed and approved by CaRCC Chairs. Once the program is approved, the group will transition to managing the ongoing award program. You can choose to volunteer for just the development phase, or remain involved to help with the execution and management phase. 

Budget Development and Financial Planning

The CaRCC Chairs and Advisory Committees determined the need for CaRCC to develop a projected annual budget for the organization, estimating what is needed for CaRCC to maintain and grow central support functions for the organization. We are seeking volunteers for a group tasked with creating a recommended annual budget for CaRCC to be presented to CaRCC Chairs by the end of 2023 as well as making ongoing recommendations to CaRCC Chairs on both raising and allocating funds. We are seeking a group leader and additional volunteers. This will be a committee that has a profound impact on the future of CaRCC and we need volunteers who are committed and passionate about taking CaRCC to the next level!

Membership and Sponsorship Models Exploratory Group

At the CaRCC Annual Retreat in May, 2023, attendees began an initial discussion about defining the concept of “Membership” in the CaRCC organization, as well as the potential for engaging with institutions and companies to attract sponsorships for some events and activities. It was decided that a group should be formed to research existing membership and sponsorship models in similar organizations, consider the pros and cons of various models, survey the CaRCC community about these ideas, and make a formal recommendation to CaRCC Chairs on what model (if any) CaRCC might pursue. This will be a short-term effort, with a goal to have a recommendation delivered to CaRCC Chairs by the end of Q1, 2024. 

Member Survey

Attendees of the CaRCC Annual Retreat identified the need for a new survey of CaRCC members in order to inform strategic direction and ensure member satisfaction across the organization. We are seeking a volunteer to lead a short-term effort to develop, distribute, and report on this survey, along with additional members to contribute to this effort. Those with past experience in developing surveys are especially encouraged to volunteer, but anyone interested is welcome to help! 

Reducing Potential Redundancy and Overlap Across CaRCC

During the CaRCC Annual Retreat, attendees identified redundant/overlapping activities among CaRCC groups as a potential problem that warranted evaluation and improvement. We are seeking a volunteer to lead this short-term effort and develop a final report and recommendation for CaRCC Chairs by the end of 2023. This leader will be responsible for recruiting members of each CaRCC working and interest group to inform the report and help develop recommended actions to improve communication among all groups and reduce or consolidate overlapping activities.