Q&A about CaRCC’s new membership management tool

In the coming weeks, CaRCC will begin using a new software tool called Wild Apricot to help manage our rapidly growing membership lists, and help us communicate with you more effectively.  Wild Apricot will allow members to have greater personal control over the information they present to and receive from the CaRCC community.

Wild Apricot will not be replacing Google Drive,  Google Groups, or Slack. Although CaRCC membership lists, mailing lists, and event registrations will become centrally initiated and managed using Wild Apricot, the new system will generate and populate a Google Group –  and CaRCC will continue to use Google for document sharing, storage, and email lists as we always have.  

The following Q&A will help answer your questions about what the change means for you.

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CaRCC Volunteer Opportunities

CaRCC is seeking volunteers for several new efforts that will have a significant impact on CaRCC and the RCD Community. This is a chance to make a real difference to the future of CaRCC. We need your help! 

Sign up for any of the following opportunities by completing this Volunteer Interest Form

  • RCD Awards Program Development
  • Budget Development and Financial Planning
  • Membership and Sponsorship Models Exploratory Group
  • Member Survey
  • Reducing Potential Redundancy and Overlap Across CaRCC

Read more to find detailed descriptions of each volunteer opportunity. 

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CaRCC/RCD Nexus 2022 Retrospective

Greetings, research computing and data (RCD) professionals! As we usher in the New Year, CaRCC and RCD Nexus would like to take a moment to look back on and celebrate some of our community’s exciting accomplishments in 2022: 

To formalize and ensure community input and evaluation, CaRCC formed a new Advisory Committee and held its first annual meeting in January, 2022. The group consists of 12 members selected for their leadership and expertise within the broader RCD and cyberinfrastructure landscape. The group is instrumental in long-term planning as CaRCC continues a period of rapid growth. 

We ramped up the work of our RCD Nexus NSF Cyberinfrastructure Center of Excellence (CI CoE) pilot grant, and began to provide more resources than ever before to both the CaRCC and broader RCD community. The RCD Nexus website currently serves as the CaRCC Career and Resource Center. 

In May, 2022, CaRCC activity leaders, advisory committee members, and peers from across the RCD community met in Denver and joined remotely for a Strategic Planning Meeting. The meeting included discussion around CaRCC’s role in defining a framework for an RCD-CI professional society.

CaRCC has helped to facilitate the RCD Community Builders Group, a collaborative effort among nine RCD-CI organizations working together to support the community at-large. The group has been meeting monthly since March 2022. Additionally, CaRCC has formalized a partnership and collaboration with the CASC organization and had two meetings and presentations during which the groups discussed opportunities for collaboration. 

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Welcome to CaRCC

The Campus Research Computing Consortium is an organization of research computing and data (RCD) and related professionals serving to:

  • Advocate for and advance the RCD profession
  • Build and foster an inclusive RCD community
  • Establish and promote leading practices and encourage sharing of expertise and resources across the RCD community
  • Facilitate collaboration and partnerships within the RCD community and connect the broader RCD ecosystem 
  • Offer expert feedback and strategic direction to support campus leadership and funding agencies
  • Support RCD workforce development, student activities, and instruction
  • Provide professional materials, education, and career resources via RCD Nexus

More info at https://carcc.org/about/.

* Research computing & data involves people, scholarship, and resources… (more…)