2021 RCD Capabilities Model Office Hours

Have questions about how to get started with the Research Computing and Data Capabilities Model? Or are you already working with it and just want to discuss the process, or a particular aspect of the assessment tool? Join working group members and your colleagues in the community at one of our upcoming Office Hours to get help, ask your questions, and share your experiences!

Office Hours for 2021 are scheduled for the:

2nd Wednesdays of each month for 1 hour at 11am ET (new)

4th Tuesday of each month for 1 hour, at 2 pm ET.

Update: We’ve added an extra session on September 14th to help with questions leading up to the 2021 Community Dataset submission deadline (at the end of September).

Those dates are:

  • April 27
  • May 25
  • June 22
  • July 14 and 27
  • August 11 and 24
  • September 8 and 28 plus extra hour on September 14, 2pm ET
  • October 13 and 26
  • November 10 and 23

For details on how to join, email the RCD CM working group at capsmodel-help@carcc.org, or subscribe to the capsmodel-discuss@carcc.org discussion list.

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