Announcing the RCD CM 2020 Community Data participation window

Version 1.0 of the Research Computing and Data Capabilities Model (RCDCM) was released in Spring of 2020. We will aggregate contributed assessment data from the community, and make this available in the Fall. If you complete an institutional assessment and contribute your results to the 2020 Community Data collection by August 30 (deadline extended to September 27) you will get access to the detailed version of the data, allowing you to benchmark your institution’s program relative to peer institutions.

We know there is broad interest in having a community dataset. 88% of the institutions who have requested to use the Assessment tool listed “Benchmarking of current service offerings” as an intended use of the model. Users of the model are fairly diverse: as of early summer, there are over 70 institutions representing 32 states, both public and private, and a mix of R1s, R2s, and institutions with emerging research programs. As more institutions participate, the more useful the Community Cata collection becomes!

We understand that many programs are strapped for resources right now, and may be challenged to make the time to complete this work. We are offering free office hours to answer your questions, as well as another workshop at PEARC20 for deeper discussion, to make it as easy as possible to complete the assessment. Especially when budgets are under pressure, programs need to make a strong case to their campus leadership for continued (if not increased) investment in Research Computing and Data programs; the RCD Capabilities Model can help to make this case, providing a common national framework for analysis and a baseline dataset for benchmarking relative to your peers.

Why should you complete and contribute your assessment? 

  • You are helping to build a community baseline for the state of RCD support.
  • Although we will share a high-level summary of this data with the broader community, only contributing institutions will have access to aggregated data for the detailed topics and individual questions.

When will the Community Data collection be available?

  • We anticipate having the collection available this Fall, within a month or so of the close of the participation period.

How can I learn more about the model, and how to use it?

What happens if we can’t meet the deadline? 

  • All institutions will continue to have access to the assessment tool, office hours, etc. Institutions will be able to request a copy throughout the year.
  • We will open a participation window once each year (generally from late spring through summer) for contributions, so if you miss the 2020 participation window, you can contribute to the 2021 collection.

Based upon feedback from the community, a reasonable frequency for completing the assessment is about every two years. Given this, institutions that contribute to the community data collection will have contributor access for the year they contribute and the year following. I.e., if you contribute by August 30, 2020, you will have contributor-level access to the 2020 Community Data collection, as well as the 2021 collection. If you have any questions, join us for office hours, or email Also, please encourage your peer institutions to learn about the RCD Capabilities Model, and contribute their assessment data.