March People Network and RCD Community Calls

Mark your calendars for these upcoming People Network calls (Zoom details at the end). For handy calendar entries, try the CaRCC Events Calendar. We also highlight other calls from our RCD Ecosystem partners and collaborators, as these events touch many, if not all, in our community.

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CaRCC People Network Calls:

Data-Facing Track (first Tuesdays)

eCR Now! and COVID-19 – Breaking the Public Health Surveillance Floodgates
Discussion facilitated by John W. Loonsk MD FACMI
Tuesday, March 1st 1p ET/ 12p CT/ 11a MT/ 10a PT

The COVID-19 pandemic again demonstrated that public health agencies (PHAs) don’t get the data they need to carry out critical public health activities. Public health surveillance has historically been opportunistic getting electronic data from lab information management systems and admission discharge and transfer systems because that is where the electronic data were. With the advent of electronic health records (EHRs) there was a new opportunity to support the core public health function of case reporting of legally reportable conditions. All that stood in the way of better surveillance was the complexity of many different reporting conditions, of many different reportable jurisdictions, and the policies and technology to meet state reporting laws and HIPAA. The eCR Now! initiative threaded this needle building on the needs of the pandemic to advance a national program of reporting from EHRs to PHA surveillance systems. In this talk the technology, policy, and practice approaches will be discussed and the lesson of not ever letting a “good” pandemic go to waste will be elucidated.

Researcher-Facing Track (second Thursdays)

Part 2: Sensitive Data in Research Computing – Through Cloud Services, discussion facilitated by Clifford Kravit, UCLA Health IT, Additional speakers pending 
Thurs, March 10th,2022, 1p ET/ 12p CT/ 11a MT/ 10a PT

In February we learned about the on-premise protected environment built at the University of Utah to support HIPAA controls for the research community. This month the discussion will shift to supporting cloud services for sensitive or controlled data. We will get a perspective from UCLA Health and others on designing and managing computational services in the cloud for research. Please add your perspective to this talk on service design, policies and controls, on-boarding procedures, cost structures and training to maintain these environments.

Emerging Centers Track (third Wednesdays)

Levels of Support:  Who do you need next?, discussion facilitated by Kirk Anne, Director, ITS Research Computing, Rochester Institute of Technology
Wednesday, March 16, 2021 , 12p ET/ 11a CT/ 10a MT/ 9a PT/ 7a HT

We will look at the RCD Capabilities Model and discuss where we need to go to provide the capabilities we need for our institutions. Discussion may result in a white paper/artifact that captures the personnel roadmap for the Emerging Centers membership continuum (individual contributor to university-wide center to regional/national providers), answering questions such as:

-What is the minimum effort/minimum positions required to meet your needs?-What are your hiring targets? Now, near term, future?
-Who should you hire first and when?
-What is the ultimate goal for your unit in terms of personnel?

Systems-Facing Track (third Thursdays)

Integrating Cloud Storage into Research Workflows
March 17th, 2022, 12p ET/ 11a CT/ 10a MT/ 9a PT

This month we will discuss workflows when it comes to integrating cloud storage.  Our goal is to discuss topics such as costs, performance, access, security, challenges and motivation.  We hope you can join us.

And please also note these additional community opportunities (in no particular order):

Mar 10 at 12p ET/ 11a CT/ 10a MT/ 9a PT (2nd Thursdays): US Research Software Engineers monthly community call. See for more information.

CaRCC Calls and Zoom:

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