What is CaRCC?

CaRCC is an organization of dedicated professionals developing, advocating for, and advancing Research Computing and Data (RCD+), broadly defined… CaRCC is advancing the frontiers of research by improving the effectiveness of RCD+ professionals including their career development and visibility, and their ability to deliver services & resources for researchers.

Join us for upcoming People Network Calls for June 2023

Mark your calendars for these upcoming People Network calls (Zoom details at the end). For handy calendar entries, try the CaRCC Events Calendar. We also highlight other calls from our RCD Ecosystem partners and collaborators, as these events touch many, if not all, in our community.

If you’re not on our mailing lists, please fill out our Join the People Network form and join our Slack channels.

6/7/23 update: We included an update for the Researcher-Facing call topic, as well as additional Community Calls opportunities.

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How to Get Involved

CaRCC is comprised of three main areas of activity – the People Network, Working & Interest Groups, and Operations Groups. There are several ways to participate in and contribute to CaRCC and the community. The structure and governance of these groups is described in the CaRCC Charter.

People Network

The People Network, at the heart of CaRCC, is for all Research Computing and Data professionals who advance research at their local institutions. Get started by:

For more information: getstarted@carcc.org

The depth of the People Network also affords a person many opportunities to get involved. These include:

  • Suggest call topics
  • Participate on a call panel
  • Lead, facilitate, or help organize a call
  • Join a track steering committee
  • Become a track coordinator

Working Groups, Interest Groups, and Operations Groups

Want to do more? Check out the Working Groups and Interest Groups for more information overview and follow the links for specific details and contact information.

Contact us at getinvolved@carcc.org if you need help matching the best activities and your interests, or have further questions.