CaRCC Events @ PEARC20

Campus Research Computing Consortium

An organization of dedicated professionals developing, advocating for, and advancing campus Research IT and associated professions (think research computing & data).

Current focus areas include:

  • People Network: year-round virtual conference, previous calls on YouTube CaRCC Channel, per track and network wide mailing list, as well as Slack.
    • Data-Facing: Data management, publishing/sharing, data science, data viz, workflows, transfer and networks, & other topics.
    • Emerging Centers: Support for smaller or developing research computing and data centers.
    • Researcher-Facing: Consulting/facilitation, outreach, education/training, increasing communications & collaborations, RC tech, etc.
    • Systems-Facing: Systems planning, engineering, security, optimization, middleware, virtualization, and cloud, among other topics.
  • Working & Sustaining Groups: (Click here for details & links for the groups.)
    • Decadal Survey: Aims to develop a decadal survey (akin to what has been done in astronomy and other fields) for research computing and data. 
    • Ecosystem: A workshop April 2019 to explore opportunities to socialize and ultimately sustain the larger CI and research computing and data ecosystem.
    • Engagement: Working to increase the visibility of and participation in CaRCC’s s community-driven activities, especially to organizations and individuals that are underrepresented.
    • Funding and Sponsorship: The Funding and Sponsorship working group aims to identify opportunities for private or foundational support for CaRCC’s operating costs.
    • Professionalization: Develop new frameworks and approaches to guide conversations between HR leaders and Research Computing and Data leaders around attracting, retaining, diversifying, and developing research computing and data and cyberinfrastructure talent.
    • Research Computing and Data Capabilities Model
    • Stakeholders and Value Proposition
      • The latest draft is  here and open to input via
    • Starting Up a Working Group
      • If you’re interested in starting a working group, check out our document.
      • Also if you would like to join an existing working group contact the group leads and express your interest to participate!

Current products/resources include: